A career is prestigious but not exclusive.

We try to find an area where each individual can add realized value. Once it is proven to add realized value, the member can endeavour in the path that the individual has chosen.

We generates stock market prediction models by quantitative analysis, diversified data, and genuine prediction ideas. We look for candidates talented in quantitative analysis, data research, and finance. In order to realize prediction models computer programming is important. We seek highly intelligent and creative candidates. Researchers will have freedom to direct their own research project so self-motivation is crucial to success. Also, we appreciate a candidate who knows a little of statistics, computer programming, and finance, or a candidate who has a very deep understanding of any one of these three fields.

We seek those who want to work in quant trading.

A candidate with any major will be welcome as long as he or she can create a computer-based quant trading model or a Prediction Model(PM). Related major fields are computer science/engineering, mathematics, statistics, physics, finance, economics, business, or etc. A highly-skilled computer programmer can be a competitive candidate even without knowledge in finance or trading; an economist with quantitative analysis skill sets can become a good quant researcher even if the economist knows little of computer programming. Strong background in mathematics or statistics helps a candidate to be successful in quant trading even if a such candidate has never thought about finance before.

We offer a prestigious opportunity for a qualified candidate, including but not limited to:

  • Independent working environment
  • Learn by co-working with talents from various background as described above
  • Strong financial rewards based on Individual performance
  • Academic atmosphere such as a university campus
  • Opportunity to be appointed as a research group leader in 2 ~ 3 years


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
  • Proficient in Python or C++;or willing to learn computer programming intensively
  • Self-motivated to lead own research topics
  • Critical Thinker with a scientific mindset
Location: Singapore and Seoul, South Korea