Data Scientist

Job Summary
Data model creators research numerous numbers of data and process them in order to produce useful data for creating prediction models. It does not remain as a simple preprocessing process, but it expands to researching and realizing the potential value of data based on deep understanding on data.
Duties and Responsibilities (Including but not limited to)
  • Conduct data research on financial market for prediction
  • Collect, organize, and analyze price information of financial assets, company financial statements, analyst reports, news, and social media in order to produce data directly utilized for trading.
  • Utilize alternative data in addition to traditional financial data and produce our own valuable data through research and processing in order to enhance the diversity of models.
  • Communicate with numerous data vendors over the world who provide high-quality of data
Prestigious Opportunity (Including but not limited to)
  • Independent working environment
  • Learn by co-working with talents from various background
  • Strong financial rewards based on Individual performance
  • Academic atmosphere such as a university campus
  • Opportunity to be appointed as a research group leader in 2 ~ 3 years
Job Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computation science, mathematics, physics, statistics, economics, business, finance, or other related field
  • Common level of coding skills in programming languages such as Python or C++
  • Strong communication, analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Familiarity with Deep Learning/Machine Learning, NLP(Natural Language Processing), Pattern Recognition or Data mining
  • Familiarity with database/statistics analysis tools
  • Fluency in English is plus not required
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