Quant Developer

Job Summary
The Quant Dev Team supports the Firm’s research, production and trading business by creating and implementing mathematical models, software tools and libraries, and by managing Firm’s database and network infrastructure. Our activity requires close coordination with the Firm's higher management, Research Team, Production Team, Trading Team, and other global service vendors.
Duties and Responsibilities (Including but not limited to)
  • Develop software for daily renewal of prediction model
  • Develop and maintain IT infrastructure for research, production and trade support
  • Build and manage database for research, production and trade support
  • Automate process by developing scripts and tools
  • Develop common libraries for supporting research
  • Utilize various tools for network and server monitoring and trouble shooting
  • Design and manage AWS framework in large scale
Prestigious Opportunity (Including but not limited to)
  • Independent working environment
  • Learn by co-working with talents from various background
  • Strong financial rewards based on Individual performance
  • Academic atmosphere such as a university campus
  • Opportunity to be appointed as a research group leader in 2 ~ 3 years
Job Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering, programming, computational science, computer science, economic, physics, mathematical finance or other similar quantitative fields
  • Common level of coding skills in programming languages such as Python or C++
  • Strong communication, analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Attention to details, accuracy in everyday work
  • Knowledge of Linux, shell script, python, AWS, NAGIOS, MySQL, gitlab, TCP/IP, NFS
  • Fluency in English is plus not required
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