We are a research-oriented investment advisory company with its headquarters in Singapore.

Our current research focuses are on generating diversified genuine data sets for finance, and creating financial market prediction models out of data sources which range from the in-house data that we constructed to the external data that we purchased from data vendors. Our scope of research in prediction models will not be restricted to traditional finance. Social events, economic forecasts, political predictions, technological advances, real estate, education, job market, geographical changes, and a huge number of other areas are under our interest. However, our primary expertise is in stock market predictions.

Our Foundations

  • Independence
    and Freedom

    We believe that independence and freedom will be the key of the creativity. However, this should be based on the assumption that every single member takes his/her own initiative. Employees should be able to set goals that can add value to HAAFOR and manage tasks to achieve these goals. We will try to measure more objective realized value created by each employee rather than the amount of time spent or political relationships inside the company.

  • Creative Talent

    Talent is our core basis. Every role needs creativity to make it more efficient and generate more value to HAAFOR. Talent is not limited to research ideas for super prediction models or advanced technical skills for complex systems. We need talent in human relationship to bring happiness in the work environment. We need talent in management to make every part coordinated more efficiently and relieving the burden of each employee with good support. We need talent in the vision to suggest the future direction and lead HAAFOR to the new area. We need talent in law and finance to protect us safely from possible unexpected crisis. Our core basis is not the infra, not the massive funding from investors, not the client relationship, not the single idea created by someone. It reside inside HAAFOR, in each and every member.

  • Network is More than the Sum
    of Individuals

    Doing research and development in a seclusive manner is not just limited in terms of knowledge. Advanced research can be emerged from research units when they are creatively cooperating by feedback. Human ability is limited. Every member can achieve to a certain degree that is only allowed by his/her personal limit. A network of individual is not just the sum, it creates a new concept. A single neuron may process simple reactions from sensors but a network of neurons created new intelligence with self awareness called human. There are unlimited possible ways of building network and we explore the new limit.